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Let it be with me according to your word

by Lorne Stang, Director of Maison Shalom House

The Annunciation by Joan Levy Earle

But she was greatly troubled at what was said and pondered what sort of greeting this might be. (Luke 1:29)


My wife Carolline and I are expecting our 7th child at the end of November.  We will admit the first 6 were seen coming in the forecast but this seventh incredible gift came as a little bit of a surprise. We will be honest with you and confess that we were a little troubled when we discovered the news and pondered; God what sort of greeting is this? 

In a certain sense we were mapping out our life in a way that we felt suited our best interests.  We were enjoying and appreciating the extra space and freedoms we had as a couple and a family as our 6 kids got a little older, slightly more independent and out of diapers!

Prior to the news of this pregnancy, Carolline and I had some great discussions around openness to life and God's will for our marriage. Our flesh fully wanted to say, "God I don't think we will be having any more children; we are comfortable with where our lives are going."   Our Spirit wanted to say, "God whatever You want, that's what we want.  Let it be done."


Our Spirit wanted to say, "God whatever You want, that's what we want.  Let it be done."


We definitely feel a greater connection with our beautiful Spiritual mother, Mary.   Her witness and response to the will of God is a wonderful guiding example. Yes Lord, let it

be done.  Yes to this great gift You have entrusted to us.  We wait with abandonment and joy for whatever this child brings for our marriage and family.

But one more "Yes" Lord!  An even greater "Yes" to the unfathomable gift that Mary carries. Yes to Jesus and everything that comes with knowing and following Him.


Oh and one more thing God, Mary knew she was having a boy and we have never known for any of our 7 kids. Stay tuned!

Send some love to the Stang family in the comments!


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