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December 25th - Day 1 or Day 12!?

When we think of the Twelve Days of Christmas most of us think of that beloved song. But the Christmas season really is 12 days long. But when exactly are those 12 days?

The Twelve Days of Christmas song poster by Xavier Romero-Frias

You would be forgiven, if you thought that December 25th was the 12th day of Christmas - given that all things Christmas have been out since at least November 1st!

In fact, December 25th is Day 1 of the 12 days and Day 12 is January 5th, the eve of Epiphany when the Magi arrive to pay homage to the Christ Child.

Many of us are Christmased out by Boxing Day, but this year we challenge you to really live out the full Christmas season. To help you do that we are giving you 12 ideas, one idea for each day. Today we give you the first 6, next week's blog will have the other 6.

Day 1 - December 25th - Cake

So you probably don't need help with this one but a practice you might want to add to your celebrations, especially if you have young children, a birthday cake for Jesus! After all is His birthday is the reason for the day!

Day 2 - December 26th - Cards

The practice of sending Christmas cards seems to have fallen by the wayside in the last number of years. So why not go against the tide and send cards to your family and friends. Remind them that this is only Day 2 of Christmas so you are right on time! If you have kids consider making the cards. Or you can always send out digital cards.

Day 3 - December 27th - Christmas Story

Today is the Feast of Saint John the Apostle. Why not read his account of the Christmas Story. This is a Gospel that is very different from Matthew and Luke's version, so we are also providing you a good commentary to help you better understand it.

Day 4 - December 28th - Prayer Time

The Feast of the Holy Innocents is what we remember today. Read today's Gospel from Matthew. This year more than ever we need to pray for peace in the Holy Land - pray a rosary for that intention.

Day 5 - December 29th - Carols

No longer are radio stations or the mall playing Christmas carols, despite it being only day 5 of the Christmas season. But there is nothing stopping you from continuing to enjoy the seasonal tunes. Search for Christmas carols on YouTube or on Spotify.

Day 6 - December 30th - Cookies

Who does not love Christmas cookies!? This a great activity to do with your children, grandchildren or neighbour kids. You could do something as simple as No-Bake Chow Mein Cookies or something more involved like decorating sugar cookies (you can even cheat and by Pillsbury cookie dough :)

Read next week's blog post for ideas of how to celebrate Days 6 through 12! It will be available next Wednesday, December 27th. In the meantime - a Happy and Holy Christmas to All!

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