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Journey to Christmas with our Digital Advent Calendar

The Advent calendar, a cherished tradition in our faith, serves as a beautiful and symbolic way to prepare our hearts for the arrival of the Saviour.

The Advent calendar is a visual and spiritual guide that marks the four weeks leading up to Christmas Day. It is a tool for reflection, prayer, and contemplation as we eagerly await the birth of Jesus. Each day, starting on December 3rd and culminating on the 25th, holds a unique significance.

Behind each numbered window of the Advent calendar lies an activity, a video, a craft, a song or a recipe to guide us on our spiritual journey. These daily reminders encourage us to pause, reflect, and draw closer to the true meaning of Christmas – the miraculous gift of God's love through the birth of Jesus Christ.

We encourage each of you to take a few moments each day during this Advent season to open that day's window to see what surprise it contains. Let this be a time of spiritual preparation, a journey of faith, and a reminder of the profound joy that awaits us on Christmas morning.

Click here to download your Advent Calendar (it's a PDF) or here to download our Family Advent Calendar. Note that you can open every window immediately – but where is the fun in that! Each window links to a website or video that hopefully makes this Advent a special one. TIP: As you know many YouTube videos open on an ad ☹ but wait 5 seconds and click SKIP!

Wishing you all an Advent season filled with Hope, Peace, Joy and Love.

The Board and Staff of Maison Shalom House.

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